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Website design work Sacramento-Roseville in 2021-2022

Most of my website work utilizes WordPress.

A unique and sophisticated designer of native style earrings and gifts, this owner’s site was completed in late-2020 to display her  handmade earrings. However, the owner subsequently desired a complete online store due to the success of our original website. The new TatianaAshna store was completed November 2021.

Store Design
Store / eCommerce products updates
Media edits
Monthly maintenance 2021-2022
Photos (by Tatiana copyrighted) 

Built with WordPress and Elementor Pro builder.(Placer County, CA)

A fully responsive yoga and fitness studio website focused on a smooth UX design to quickly get to the heart of the user’s inquiry.

Lead generation
Imagery / Media
Monthly maintenance 2008-2022

Built with WordPress and Elementor Pro

(Auburn CA)

Sun Energy Engineering USA required a Landing Page to highlight their patented item in the PV Materials market as well as a new Logo. The Sun Energy owners are masters in the field of solar energy materials.

This web page was customized in WordPress by BayBridgeHub.

Custom designed Landing page
SEO (search engine optimization)
Monthly site maintenance

(Sacramento CA)

Still adding content here (2021-22), Turner & Associates, Security Consultants & Private Investigations, desired a classic, responsive, and clean WordPress website design. This Sacramento business is particular in choosing and providing their own organic content.

Site design
Monthly site maintenance 2019-2022

(Sacramento CA – Ongoing maintenance and SEO)

A WordPress magazine theme was customized for this yoga-wellness enhancing blog. This site is enriched with customized CSS styling and fully device responsive. (Remodeling 2022) 

Website design
CSS customization
Site edits
Site maintenance 2016-2022
Content Management System (CMS )

(Sacramento CA)