Growth, starts today

Design to appeal . . . to scroll further . . . to convert!

What should a great website do?

• Show good visuals, site organization, respect device-responsive functionality

• Communicate clearly and upfront who you are, what you do, who you serve

• Show quality visual appeal, engage the viewer

• Show simplicity, provide valuable advice, guide viewers to calls-to-action

• Share information. Encourage long relationships

• Assist viewers with optimized imagery; Resist long-reads; Resist fluff

• Show your brand at the forefront, stay consistent

What should a great website designer do? 

• Listen to your needs

• Be familiar with your industry, your market, your audience

• Keep open communication with You

• Suggest, suggest, suggest

• Coordinate high-quality content and parallel with SEO

• Review social media strategies, yes it matters!

• Ensure website edits occur with logic and ease, not complexity

• Practice integrity

Who you are,
What you sell,
Who you serve!

Device-friendly Site Design

Responsive website design is hefty in importance and should not be passed over.  True fact, responsive design now dominates in website design and browser search.

If you are a newbie, “responsive” means that a website is able to adapt in screen size to the device being used whether cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. In other words, the website automatically resizes itself. The term mobile-friendly website design is often used.

A few years ago the responsive website capability was convenient and cool. Come 2019, Google leaned joyfully in this direction and deployed hard-driven recommendations to online business.  This is known as “Mobile-first.” Device-friendly websites were rewarded with priority ranking. That’s colossal enough incentive to modernize a stagnant website!!


BayBridgeHub Uses the WordPress Platform

WordPress: Well-known and highly customizable.

This popular platform enables ease in mobile responsive pairing, allows your business a website content management system (CMS). Most of our clients prefer that we maintain their websites and CMS. This is optional. 

BayBridgeHub will connect you with the best hosting services with reliable 24/7 live assistance. Hosting support is utilized often if you manage your own websites. Don’t skimp on price here. Your host houses your website. Uptime, reliability, customer service, and up-to-date features are key.  Review what goes into website maintenance here >>