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Integrity in Website SEO . . . we don’t go anywhere without it

Bay Bridge Hub website SEO consulting services online Marketing PromotionsThe upshot of proper website optimization (SEO*) corrects website errors resulting in smooth and friendly search results. Exactly what a search engine craves. In addition SEO consists of improved keyword phrasing which enhances site content. Your content, graphics and imaging will be cleaned and polished. Tags are adjusted, page load-speed improves, and much more behind the scenes successes. (*SEO aka search engine optimization.) 

We streamline, without shortcuts, without clutter. There’s a difference.

Examples of website SEO

In addition to above, SEO includes coding repairs, search engine optimization, CSS refining, content improvement, while staying in compliance with W3 consortium regulations, and w3schools standards.

SEO should not be ignored

Site optimization is crucial and many companies ignore it because SEO is not usually visual. For example, picture a refrigerator which looks fine on the outside . . . inside, delicious food. PLUS, dirty shelves, sticky residue, wilted greens, spilled liquid, and crumbs. This is debris.  Debris stifles smooth search. A search engine retrieves the clean, streamlined results pages first  — thereby displaying higher rank.

Visits also contribute to search ranking. If your site has considerable organic new and return visits, your rank will be raised. This, of course, takes A) time and, B) happy returning visitors. Obviously website promotion assists greatly for new and return visits.

Remember, once you are online, you are advertising – every minute of every day!

So don’t cheat your business!

A Few Components for Optimizing your Site

For search, content should be relative and succinct with keywords, and without keyword stuffing. Search engines will list clean websites with the best match for a query. We assist you with copy.

  • Straightforward is better than complicated.
  • Optimizing your copy is essential for search retrieval.
  • Website optimization takes time but it pays off where it counts, your visibility
  • Images should load quickly
  • Ease in navigation is critical
  • Quarterly or 6-month refresh and updates are essential which signal search engines
  • Quality backlinks are analyzed by search engines indicating site popularity
  • Periodic error-checking (free)

We use as much ‘open source’ assistance as possible which saves hundreds of dollars for the client.

Expect periodic sharpening of your website. Refining maintenance needs consistency so your site remains fresh, competitive, and ranks highly in search engines. You can rank well, or you can sink.

Review our Internet Marketing page for more ideas on boosting your web presence.

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