Website Maintenance

Clean inside and out; that’s website maintenance

Website maintenance Sacramento San Francisco, BayBridgeHub and AuburnOfficeServices, Gwenn Jones.We maintain our health and appearance. Our sites need maintenance as well.

Be aware search engines know a fresh site from a stale site, muddled code from clean, and fast-loading from pokey. Old and stale does not improve rankings, instead it diminishes them. You can hire a freelance website professional for website maintenance even if they did not build your site. Or, learn editing and maintenance yourself.

Whether you perform these tasks in-house or outsource to a professional, the following are (some) proper and important website maintenance practices — yes, even if you use WordPress templates.

  • Verify proper coding with a website validator (usually free)
  • Clean coding enables faster results from search queries
  • Keep content fresh particularly if you have a News or Blog page
  • Keep images and videos fresh, change them out periodically
  • Blog pages should be checked consistently for spam or challenging comments
  • Have a policies page and a privacy practices page active on your site
  • Correct page errors and repair broken links
  • Plug-ins and themes should be updated timely
  • Adjustments/edits should be cross-browser effective, responsive, and mobile-friendly
  • Ensure pages load quickly (web surfers have no patience, they don’t need it)
  • Activate and use Google Analytics regularly

Your website is your persistent presence and should be sparkling and orderly, even without e-commerce.

Site Security . . . Security Security

No matter your industry, occupation or website/blog style, hackers are working every minute, worldwide. Ensure proper security on your site from a reputable source. Attackers do not need a reason nor an industry for a brute force attack or “cracking.”

See this page for general website preparatory tips.

Keep current and hold integrity

Website maintenance is not inclusive (and completely separate)  in web design jobs.

Website maintenance contractor provides regular, written* updates/logs of labor performed to ensure clarity and consistency in work. (*Written includes email or fax.) 

Site owner(s) provides clear, written instructions on requests and changes prior to job (whether ongoing or singular).  (*Written includes email or fax.) 


We offer monthly website maintenance plans which can include social media and SEO.

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