Website SEO & Maintenance in 2020

Clean inside and out; that’s website SEO

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Good search engine visibility that targets your users is why you need search engine optimization (SEO). Many think SEO is all about ranking in SEs by paying for Ads. This can help, yes. But there is more to the strategy of optimizing a website than paying thousands of dollars on PPCs. (Pay-per-clicks.)

For example, consider someone trying on shoes. Lacing up the shoes is the supposed finishing procedure, (i.e., your paid Ad.) BUT . . . What if you see those shoes have holes, cracks, old dirt and marks all over them. Logically you would have no interest in buying those shoes.

Well relate this to SE Ads, and a customer Lead or potential Buyer clicks on your ad, lands on your site and everything is wrong with it. Images small, content poor, rambling keywords, not user-friendly, and lacks the proper information you’ve just promised them in your ad.

Here is what a search engine prioritizes and reviews fiercely and quickly for organic search:

• Quality and relevant web page content
• Optimizing your site copy is essential for search retrieval
• Quick-loading imagery and image optimization
• Website responsiveness all mobile devices
• User-friendly navigation and overall website UX (user experience)
• Website update frequency
• Link placement
• Backlink relativity
• Get site certified for SSL (this is not difficult)
• Site load speed
• Content relative visuals
• Proper keyword phrasing
• Up-to-date software
• Optimized site for users of the website (not just SEs)
• Social media involvement

The above items are indeed SEO priorities, however there are additional practices and benefits to proper SEO.

Search Engine Optimization should not be ignored

Site optimization is crucial and many businesses ignore it because SEO is often not visible.

Visits also contribute to search ending ranking. If your site has considerable organic new and return visits, your rank will be raised. This, of course, takes A) time and, B) happy returning visitors. Obviously website promotion assists greatly for new and return visits. Promote your site and your brand. Stay website-fresh with all the tools on this SEO page.

Remember, once you are online, you are advertising – every minute of every day! So don’t cheat your business!

General Components to remember for Optimizing your website for organic search:

For organic search, your content should be succinct and relative with titles, keywords and page descriptions. Search engines will rank clean, user-friendly websites with the best match for a query.

• Straightforward is better than complicated while providing good content
• Optimizing your copy is essential for search engine results
• Website optimization takes time but it pays off where it counts i.e., your business gaining visibility!
• Quarterly or 6-month site refresh and updates are essential
• Check for link breaks and site errors using online tools

Bay Bridge Websites can assist you with your copy.

To sum up: Expect and practice periodic refreshment of your website. Refining maintenance needs consistency so your site remains viable, competitive, and ranks well in search engines. You can rank well, or you be lazy and sink. Your website is your online store (so-to-speak), and just as a brick-and-mortar building it needs upkeep.

Review more site maintenance below . . .

Website Maintenance in 2020

Old and tired web pages diminish search engine rankings

As mentioned above, search engines know fresh from  stale, muddled code from clean, and fast-loading pages from pokey. Old and tired web pages diminish search engine rankings. You can hire a freelance website professional for website maintenance even if they did not build your site. Or, learn editing and maintenance yourself.

Website maintenance takes care, patience, and excellent experience in coding

Whether you perform these tasks in-house or outsource to a website professional, the following are (some) proper and important website maintenance practices — yes, even if you use website templates.

• Verify proper coding with a website validator (usually free)
• Clean coding enables faster results from search queries
• Keep content fresh particularly if you have a News or Blog site
• Ensure your typography is fluid and readable
• Keep images and videos productive; change them out periodically
• Have a policies page and a privacy page active on your site
• Correct page errors and repair broken links
• Plug-ins and themes should be updated timely (this is security important)
• Adjustments/edits should be cross-browser friendly and mobile-friendly
• Ensure pages load quickly (web surfers have no patience, they don’t need you)
• Passwords should be long and complicated (commonly not practiced)
• Blog pages should be checked consistently for spam or challenging comments
• Activate and use Analytics regularly

Your website is your persistent presence and should be sparkling and orderly, even with or without e-commerce.

Site Security . . . Security Security

No matter your industry, occupation or website style, hackers are working every minute, worldwide. Ensure proper security on your site from a reputable source with regular site reports. Attackers do not need a reason or an industry for a brute force attack.

Keep current and demand integrity

Website maintenance is usually not inclusive in web design jobs.  A quality website maintenance contractor provides regular, written updates/logs of labor performed to ensure clarity and consistency in work.

So, how is Your website comparing with all the above maintenance and SEO practices?

Bay Bridge Hub can maintain the health and appearance of your website. (Our websites need maintenance too.)

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