Website Work

Is Responsive Web Design important?

Can powerful be simple?

Yes to both. Whether planning website design, customizing, or responsive updates, ensure your valuable 24/7 advertising gem owns all of the following:

  • womanphotographerFollow-through with efficient UX design; ensure obvious calls-to-action; lead viewers to the next step (UX – user experience design)
  • Make certain your site has quality, working interface, this is UI design; navigation-friendly, cross-browser-friendly, more (UI – user interface)
  • Website maintenance and SEO and SEM – important important important (search engine optimization/marketing)
  • Mobile friendly/responsive design; reach viewers from anywhere (yes it matters)
  • Optimize for organic search – this parallels providing answers to questions (are you?)
  • Desktop and responsive site’s ease-of-use and navigation (UI-related)
  • Make a power statement without clutter; classic and streamlined are often more user-friendly
  • Serve your ‘target audience’ every day
  • E-commerce content-friendly, search-friendly, and current (if applicable)
  • Front page featured product or service – grab your viewer
  • A community page, be smart, give back
  • Quarterly internet research – what’s your competition doing?
  • Regular announcements on social media, events, parties, philanthropy
  • Understand that social media is explosive and not ‘for kids’
  • Social media generates business and brand awareness
  • Grammar, spelling, clarity, top the list always
  • Stay clean and professional – less is more
  • Review your site analytics

Don’t be overwhelmed here. A solid, reliable web maintenance worker considers the above day-to-day, or month-to-month duties.

Your website can shine, be highly visible, and attract new viewers, or it can sit ignored, and sink. Let’s make it shine.

Absolute Priorities to Provide Your Site Designer: Getting Started

  • Define your objectives.
  • Company description, brief history, quality images (if available), what products/services you offer
  • Register a domain name (your URL); we can complete this for you
  • Review several competitors’ sites; note them and comment on your likes/dislikes
  • Assess and note other websites as far as layout, style, navigation. Provide these preferences to your designer
  • Note your fundamental pages (departments): i.e., Home, About Company, Your Services, Portfolio, Contact, Resources, Site Map, etc.
  • Will you require a Store and shopping Cart for products?

Secondary Tasks to Provide Your Designer

  • Write and submit your concise content draft (preferably in outline form) – multiple edits will accompany for enhanced optimization, be patient and be brief
  • Choose a web hosting service (whom you rent your web space from); do not scrimp here, “up” time and 24/7 customer service are essential
  • Save money and time – submit any press, articles, brochures, or other literature to assist with relative information, phraseology and text flow

Save Time & Money

Consider using template-style for your responsive design (example: WordPress). This requires considerably less custom coding so you, the client, have the option to perform minor updates. As well you will have more control, convenience, and save $$. And, the templates are gorgeous.

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