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Website SEO 2020 is a beautiful monster!


Do you know your target customers? Probably. But how do they shop or vet their desired online suppliers, sources, businesses? How does your online competition answer customer needs successfully? Is your company fading in search engine rank lately? Do you need to increase the number of local or national clients? Answer: Get Found!

In 2020, the best and only way for your website to be ‘found’ and remain potent in search is by focusing on your site’s SEO. With billions of business websites across the USA, staying in good Google graces is foremost.

Search Engine Optimization effort is definitely not a one night stand, so-to-speak. An experienced SEO specialist takes time, patience, and analytical skill to present your site with impressive ranking. SEO is not a keyword party, and is not completed in a day.


We examine and pinpoint quantities of keywords and phrases that are effective for your business and region. This is done by repeatedly evaluating rank successes that are organic. Any business can buy an Ad, however ads are not everlasting. Many internet searchers find ads lacking integrity or relativity therefore, the searcher skips below to the organics i.e., constructive search results! Similarly, it’s like watching a TV show and skipping the commercials, right? Effective organic evaluation is Phase-1 of your rewarding SEO journey.

Analyzing this keyword phraseology leads to this:

The SEO expert will convert and manipulate portions of your content, titles, tags, keywords, and beyond. This is labor  intensive as we develop, drill down, ensure content relativity and sentence eloquence — often page-by-page. (For your primary and cornerstone content.) In addition, your SEO specialist improves code usage, corrects code errors, and more. All combined makes great matching content for a search query-relative result, which leads to a click, which is a visit, which is a potential buyer. Visits that lead to a ‘contact,’ ‘time spent,’ or ‘purchase,’ alerts Google. In a nutshell, we have a successful visit. More contacts and time-spents mean less bounces. (Bounce means your site lands visitors, but the landing page actually provides either irrelevant, or the incorrect information the visitor needs. Visitor leaves. Fast!

Supervise, then Supervise Some More 

Bounces alert Google as well. Regular evaluations of your site’s analytics will give you and your SEO provider bounce results and much more in website examination. Analytics programs service the business owner (and the website professional) with incredible information which, if utilized well, enhances all sectors of your website presence.


The answer, lots! In order to rank well, there are many SEO mandates. These priority techniques include some of the following:
A well-coded website, sitemaps, clean formatting, relative URLs which correlate with site content, tags, keywords, device-responsiveness, the website’s purpose, website trustworthiness and reputation, quality and full content, page load speed including mobile, typography and readability, linking (internal, external, outbound), social contributions, SSL verification, articles and content marketing, video.

That last ingredient: Video? Brutal lightening to strikes here.  Video in websites rank positively now AND will jet forward with major clout by 2021. Stay involved here. Ask for professional help.

Include reviews and testimonials? This is site relevance too. Are you in with Yelp, Google, LinkedIn, etc.? Most recommendations on this page are not ‘opinion,’ but actually Google ‘requirements.’ Read that last sentence again.

The most relevant pages are those that adhere to the above items positively. Don’t be fooled into your website needing huge expansion. It’s your Exposure that needs expansion. Get SEO help and watch your SE rank improve.


As Google’s algorithms change often, website rankings change too. Your site could be on page 1 one month, and on page 3 the next and vice versa. This is fairly typical. Don’t panic.

Google looks at site updates. How often do you refresh images and content? Stay fresh, update, update again. Your website designer can help you refresh content, revamp formats, and change your images. Your SEO expert can massage your content to be more compelling. Some of us have website design talent as well as SEO aptitude.

Not to forget – more searchers use Mobile search than Desktop. Yes, even in business-to-business search. So stay updated with the mobile site as well. Many sites have separate mobile page styling, or merely different mobile results. You should review your own website as a visitor at least once per week. Be vain!

Be attentive to ignored areas. Contact information or form should be available on every site page. Is this SE query-relative? YES.

Feel like a fish out of water? No worries. That’s what your website SEO professional is for.

Focus your content on your audience.  If done right,  the benefits will come.

Remember, when you are online, you are advertising – every minute of every day! Be quality, show quality. Don’t cheat your business!

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