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Website SEO, a beautiful, complex monster! Below clarifies how it works, and how I can keep you potent in the hunt!

What is Organic SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) is an important forever asset to any website expecting prominence. Optimization, by an SEO expert, is performed to make your website function at its best to attract natural or “organic” search traffic (as opposed to paid-for traffic, or PPC pay-per-click).  Organic SEO involves making concise changes or modifications to your site to maximize site performance and ease in user experience. This optimization, if performed well and consistently, usually reflects higher ranking for search relevance. Higher rank means expanded visibility, which inspires more users  to click to your company site.

How Does SEO Work Begin?

BayBridgeHub examines and pinpoints varieties of keyword phrases that are effective for your business and region. This is done by repeatedly evaluating rank successes that are organic. Any business can buy an Ad, however ads are costly and not everlasting.

More and more internet searchers find ads lacking integrity or relativity. Therefore, the searcher often skips below the Ads to the organic/natural search results. Similarly, it’s like watching a TV show and skipping the commercials, right? Effective organic evaluation is part one of your rewarding SEO journey.

Analyzing this keyword phraseology leads to this:

Your SEO expert will convert, mold, and organize portions of your content, titles, tags, keywords, images, and more. This is labor intensive as we develop, drill down, ensure content relativity and sentence eloquence, page-by-page. (For example: for your primary and cornerstone content.) In addition, your SEO specialist improves code usage, site speed, and more. Link placements are also part of the SEO equation. All combined and more makes great content matches for search query-relative results. This in turn raises SE rank, which leads to clicks, which become visits who are your potential clients or buyers.

Visits that lead to a *Contact, *Time Spent, or *Purchase, alert Google. In a nutshell, we have a successful visit. More contacts and time-spents mean less bounces. (Bounce means your site lands visitors, but the landing page actually provides irrelevant or incorrect information the visitor requires. The consequence: the visitor leaves. Fast!)

*Google Analytics terms.

It is wise for you or your analyst to review your deep website Analytics regularly because this conveys what is popular, what is performing, and, just as important, what is Not performing!

Here is an example of a general search of:

modular cleanroom construction in Bay Area

My SEO client (in the image here) now appears where they should be, high in Organic search after my site optimization.

Supervise, then supervise some more!

Bounce rates alert Google as well. Regular evaluations of your site’s analytics will give you and your SEO provider bounce results and much more in website examination. Analytics and Google Search Console programs service the business owner (and the website professional) with incredible information which, if utilized well, enhances all sectors of your website presence.

Search Engine Optimization is a pivotal and forever asset to any website.

For website search engine prominence, your site must stay fresh and afloat.

General search of Bay Area contractors - Client on Google page 1 after BayBridge Websites SEO work.

Be Aware of Bogus SE Ranking Claims

Emails pour in to many businesses promising to get your site to No.1 on Google. (I get them too.) CAUTION: that promise is fictional. No professional with integrity would ever state this.

SEO is an enduring process. Results appear upon learning, repeating, changing, and updating. Don’t make the mistake of parting with tons of precious cash upfront to this type of promise. The payback is very disappointing.

What Else Goes into Search Engine Ranking?

The answer, lots! In order to rank well, there are many SEO mandates. These priority techniques include some of the following:

A well-coded website, clean formatting, device-responsive design, relative URLs and content-correlation, tags, keywords, the website’s purpose, website trustworthiness and reputation, full quality content, page load speed , typography and readability, linking (internal, external, inbound), social contributions, SSL verification, sitemaps (if you site is large), articles and content marketing, video.

That last ingredient: Video? Lightening strikes! Video in websites ranks highly now AND will jet forward with major clout by 2021-2022. Stay involved here. Ask for professional help.

Stay Website Fresh, Current, Responsive

As Google’s algorithms change often, website rankings change too. Your site could be on page 1 one month, and on page 2 the next and vice versa. This is fairly typical. Don’t panic.

Google and other search engines rely on and monitor site updates for ranking. How often are your website images refreshed? Your content? Stay fresh, update, update again. Your website worker can help refresh content, revamp formats, and change your images. Your SEO expert can massage your content to be more compelling. Some of us have website design talent as well as SEO aptitude!

Not to forget – more searchers use Mobile search than Desktop. Yes, even in business-to-business search. So stay updated. Many sites have separate mobile page styling, or merely different mobile results. These days, mobile viewing is a given with the assistance of a proficient site builder.

Side note: You should review your own website as a visitor at least once per week. Be vain!

Be attentive to ignored areas. Contact information or forms should be available on every site page.

Feel like a fish out of water? No worries. That’s what your website SEO Pro is for.

Do continue to focus high-quality content for your target audience. Engage help for proper SEO practices. If done right, the benefits will come.  Website assistance awaits:

Search … Get Found!