Website Imagery, is it Valuable?

Example photo retouch for architecture. Gwenn Jones

You bet it is. Today, Visual Content Marketing is internet vital. Today, we are far beyond web copy confidence. A decade ago, a company could slide by with mediocre website images and graphics in the push for internet share. But currently, the internet is a multi-platform competition monster, and deservedly so. Do you ensure your imagery is flawless?

How is Your Website Image Health?

The answer should be twofold: Excellent and Relative.

Keep in mind the critical inevitable (and must knows):

– Imagery fuels social media, sometimes unintentionally
– Viewers relate to images first
– SEO’d, clickable images benefit in SE results
– Compressed images load faster
– Image style should be site consistent

What’s the difference in Image Retouch vs. Image Editing?

Here’s some help. Retouch involves “image repair, styling, or enhancement.” Whereas photo Edit is defined as “choosing selections” for projects prior to styling or reparation.

Building architecture photo retouch Gwenn Jones

“Can you remove that truck?” Slightly time-consuming but, yes, a fun and ultra smooth landing. A little brightening, photo blending, colorization, etc. and this baby was done!

Basic online photo editing software can easily remedy minor image imperfections and often are free. Color adjustments, hue, brightness, or cropping are simple for many. However, often more is necessary to bring a photo or graphic to its best business presentation level. This fortifies the target of an industry, event, or discipline. A professional will manipulate, dramatize, or blend an image or graphic for high-level web presentation. If you are Photoshop-savvy and patient, you can do this yourself. Today, image retouch is essential website strategy not to be overlooked. Remember this term; the “view precedes the reading.”

Retouching is required for various reasons whether general or eccentric. In its simplest form, the process might merely add text and colorization. If more complex, objects or people are removed or added to eliminate distraction or build drama (see image at right).

Web imagery tells your story. Analytics show most viewers spend less than 20 seconds on a website. With a cursory view, they see what is Not meeting their immediate needs, and voila, exit! Studies show over 90% more views in search engine landings where images are present. Images add impact.

What’s Best for Your Web Images?

Your retouch expert needs to know what your images or graphics will be used for. Website or blog resolution is far different from print ad resolution. So the image must be workable for your intended platform.

Your web photo specialist will guide you as to the usability and level of photo enhancement necessary. Input from your retouch expert is very significant. Proper image placement with relative content is also central for reader consistency.

Photo enhancement is quite budget-friendly and worthy in today’s internet scrutiny. Expect, participate, and encourage communication with your image expert. When images are uploaded, they should be optimized (image SEO). Yes, it matters!

Certainly there is more to great website presentation and success. Regularly review your site analytics, particularly bounce rates. Are they high? Do you exhibit succinct content? Do your links legitimately take viewers where they intend? Is your site responsive (cross-device-friendly)? These points build trust. Trust builds referrals.

Be patient, analyze, and “do what works.” Make your site shine, make it genuine, and build for tomorrow. More soon …