Social Media Self Help

Social Media Marketing not to be underestimated, even on gadgets

Think it’s for teens? Not anymore. Social media marketing is the most trending and successful promotion today , , ,  and growing massively.

The most popular Social Media hot spots are:

Social media marketing and promotion for business - lots of free tools here. BayBridgeHub social media marketing sacramento roseville san francisco  :  How to Create a Facebook Page – Choose a category here such as: Brand, Local, Entertainment, Artist, more.

  • Facebook: powerful, free, growing daily. Highly global, Facebook is advantageous for business, personal, promotional and other outreach needs or wants. Image and video friendly. Ad placement is available for minimal cost which means almost everything is possible.  :  How to Sign Up with Twitter

  • Twitter, another popular free social networking hotspot. Blurbs of 140 characters shared by users worldwide. High celebrity participation. Perhaps for its brevity and versatility. Therefore, Twitter is very easy to use. Ad service available.  :  How to Create an Instagram account

  • Instagram is gaining popularity, particularly for mobile addicts. Users share via photos and videos. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

  • All communication and promotion are by image. Comment area is available. An account is by category (either by interest or brand/business). However multiple categories can be chosen from animals to recipes to kids and much more. Advertising is available.  :  Getting Started with YouTube  :

YouTube* – a whopper! Massively popular. A fabulous tool for ranking, promotion, education, entertainment. Channel subscribers (followers) available.

* NOTE: Starting a YouTube account or channel requires a Google account. (See link below.) If you already use Gmail or Blogger, you have a Google account. If desired, use this link: Sign up for a Google account.

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