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Promote! Keep your brand at the forefront, daily.

Social media plays a large part in internet marketing and promotion, not the sole part, but a vast portion.

Whether targeting online marketing to the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, or Worldwide, the basics are the same. Staying connected with the community (local or global) is

by far the fastest and most explosive momentum one can ask (advertise) for. Whether upcoming sales, events, staff changes, announcement — you name it, you can spread the word like wildfire. Social media in a word, is, phenomenal.

No Excuses

Ensure you take advantage of the super social media arena. It’s free. No excuses. Remember … every minute of every day.

The Single Most Important Reason Why Internet Marketing and Promotion are More Important Than Ever

Do not skip one paragraph of this terrific article from You will see there are no excuses and it’s FREE!

Online marketing isn’t something new for small businesses to consider anymore. In fact, it’s quite the opposite… having been going on for years and seemingly has no end in sight. Yet, far too many small business owners neglect how important online marketing is for their business success. Among the reasons this seems to be is time. Another money. And yet another is that they don’t care. The reality is, however, customers do care and in order to be relevant in today’s crowded marketplace, being online is a must. Read more

What are the Benefits of Social Media?

Every point below will bring you clients, brand awareness, exposure

  • Online internet marketing and promotion services SEO Ads social media Sacramento Roseville San Francisco - BayBridgeHub.comCommunicate quickly with your customers and prospects – today everything is fingertip-speedy
  • Social media IS internet marketing and promotion
  • Create posts to build awareness, integrity, popularity, enjoyment
  • Use the #hashtags and @signs in your communications showing you are “social”
  • Build fans and followers – yes you will
  • Social media sites are for all ages, pudding proof!
  • Entice new traffic to your website or events
  • Communicate conveniently to whomever you wish, even at 3 A.M., even across the globe
  • Schedule your posts in advance
  • Show your social media icons on your website, yes, people check these places out
  • Link to your latest news or articles on social media – Google loves organic articles
  • Social media expands your online presence and boosts you in search
  • Social media is habitually “on” in most people mobile phones – so “pings happen”
  • Gather relevant customer data and use it
  • You can place geo-targeted ads for low cost
  • Sharing on S.M. is enlightening, not sales-pitching

Below are the most zealous, popular, and reliable social media channels which provide FREE marketing and promotion:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Note: Ad placements are not free.

See this page to get started now, all free!  Social Media self-help.

The Power of Internet Marketing

Review some points below and you might indeed make the investment of time

Using email blasts and promotions, websites, mobile advertisements, articles, Youtube videos, blogs, newsletters (and the aforementioned social media) encompass much of internet marketing. The beauty of all these marketing strategies is they are Interactive.

Remember, you are always spreading a message.

  • Your outreach whether local, regional, or national is around the clock and lightening-fast
  • Forever more cost-efficient than traditional mailings and signage (at free-to-minimal)
  • PPC (pay-per-click) such as Google Adwords puts you on top of search (this is a temporary and/or interim suggestion)
  • Alter/personalize/adapt your marketing strategy or visuals in minutes (not days)
  • Cross-sell with ease and higher visibility
  • E-Newsletters keep you fresh and engaged with customers
  • Stay current in tracking with free web tools (like Analytics)
  • Online press releases should be utilized when you have company or product news

Continue to evaluate your strategies, don’t just jump in the pool.

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