Twenty years in two industries . . .

opened a special niche for my web customization and office services business. Along with my gratitude was a Mom who continually reminded me, “keep up your typing skills, honey.”

Originally I ran a successful San Francisco Peninsula word processing service through the 90s. The time was ripe to upgrade to overall computer support as large companies adapted. Email was new to many executives reluctant to drop the pen and streamline to electronics without some tutoring. Enters, Gwenn. (Gratitude) 

Wait Listed?

I literally flourished as Bay Area corporations rushed to become ‘paperless’ converting to computer database management – the new form of record keeping. Referrals were through the roof with jobs on my wait list. Overnight, it seemed, the internet and websites appeared. Businesses hungered for web presence to expand branding and increase sales. This worker was already learning HTML coding and Photoshop – a challenging but timely path! Good service meant great referrals. Never did I need advertising.  (More gratitude) 

Telecommuting, Convenience for All

In 2004, I shrunk staff to relocate to Auburn, California. I added Auburn Office Services as a title (while keeping the BayBridgeHub name). The beauty of the internet is that I work freelance and often remotely. Everyone benefits, everyone saves time, and saves dollars. (Growth) 

Every day is New

There is nothing better than working at what you love. My only addition would be to add more dogs in the office!!  (Hint, bosses) 

Thank you for visiting my business today.

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