How fast does digital marketing change?

Not a fan of digital marketing? Do it right and I'll make you one.

Can You See Value in Fresh Brand Recognition?

Internet technology grows at a breakneck speed. Whether consumer, retailer, or a B2B provider, interests and trends evolve quickly.  Some last, some die. As a small business owner, here’s how and why you must get comfortable with E-marketing in small business USA. Why?  To shine brighter than others who claim they are the best.

Fortunately, marketing strategies and opportunities reside in a broad world of choice. Being aware of what’s trending and who’s paying attention are vital. Ask this professional if your staff is not experienced enough yet to move forward.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing (or E-marketing) refers to any “electronic” marketing, also termed online marketing, internet marketing, web marketing, and more.

Like all marketing, the purpose is to plan and distribute promotions, events, product pricing or services to customers or prospects via the web.

Common examples are pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, Email marketing, etc.  

Why Bother with E-marketing?

First, practicing consistency for a high online profile influences Google’s ranking of your business. Regular attention to your E-marketing platform screams your openness to innovate and update with rapid internet changes. 

Second, E-marketing builds relationships! Face it, EVERYONE is on their phones! More every day, and rising fast. Whether between B2C, B2 potentialC, or B2B – your E-marketing strategy:   

  • keeps your Brand alive
  • stays cost-effective while reaching massive audiences
  • reaches more eyes and ears than TV, radio, newspapers, 
    expands referrals in your Target market
  • delivers quality-driven information readers want
  • reminds customers why you are “better” 
  • builds client-loyalty and trust (trusting customers return)

Third, using reliable digital marketing platforms allow you access to analytics. Analytics provide information on consumer behavior, your popular products or pages vs. the dull, strong topics vs. weak, and help small businesses of today understand how customers find their products and services. Analytics are crucial to improve your business performance and forecast for the future. 

Face it. Everyone is on their phone. Go with it!

How to E-market Effectively

Generous options face us headon in the digital world. Try multiple methods (i.e., multi-channeling) and test them out. Focus on which ones show success for your client culture and target audience. Your analytics will benefit tremendously here. 

Manipulate and utilize your successful keyword phrases in your marketing content. 

Experts report the most fruitful and proven E-marketing mediums for 2021 and 2022 growth are: 

  • Video marketing – almost the hottest marketing mode today; a chosen method for consumer learning
  • Email marketing – Yes, it’s very much alive
  • Social Media – Like it or not, an indispensable marketing method. If your target audience hangs here, YOU need to be here 
  • Live Chat – On the rise; customers love and return with questions; users/leads have no patience for calls on hold
  • Content – High-quality content is a must; no fluff
  • Market for Mobile – Yes, Google notices!
  • Incentives – Offer your viewers value; entice them toward a coupon, offer information, educate, provide support, list a local event or a trending article (relative) 
  • Blog posting – Valuable and consistent

Here at BayBridgeHub, I prefer to promote for long-term, Organic ranking. For example, with some of the above alternatives.  Contact me for assistance. 

However, another hot tool is Pay-per-click advertising, an excellent choice if your budget allows. Google or Facebook Ads are fast, direct, and can become addictive.  These ad programs can be a life-saver, or a complete business disaster. Make sure you hire a sound Google Ads/Facebook consultant for this venture. 

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