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Your website is where most customers go FIRST.

Make an impact!

Ensure your website makes an impact.

As a reliable website designer, editor, and SEO expert with 10 years of Corporate skills I will ensure your website shows Mobile-first, contemporary appeal, search query relative, and an easy user experience. My goal is to promote your business and enable a stress-free you!

BayBridgeHub will create and deliver your best marketing asset!

Hiring me; What's in it for You?

As a website manager and SEO expert with 10+ years of skills . . . 

I will provide you resolutions for:

• Your frustration and lack of time to devote to your website; 
   Outcome: Frustration vanishes, your time becomes constructive

• Your sinking website rank, stale format, non-mobile / non-device friendly; 
   Outcome: Fresh site style, mobile-first, your website found in relative search queries

• Your lost time trying to Do-It-Yourself, dealing with disappearing site managers;  
   Result: Positive job focus, sleek, contemporary website, reliable labor

• Tackling website work which is overwhelming for you;  
   Upshot: Save time with a professional, enjoy a liberated and stress-free You! 

Let me rescue you!

I am Gwenn Jones, professional website designer of BayBridgeHub. With the trust and references of my clients, you will be assured:  1) A great work relationship, 2) dependable labor, 3) a glowing website result.

Gwenn Jones is BayBridgeHub

Treated right, your website will become your finest sales associate ever!

Whether you require a Multi-page site or a single Landing page, you’re covered.

Gwenn Jones runs BayBridgeHub whose mission is to design for your specific business and your primary audience. Your site will reflect proper functionality and visuals to keep users engaged.

Eyes stay on the ultimate goal of attract, engage, convert, and serve!



Without clutter


What should a good website designer do? Ensure best practices in multi device responsiveness, reliability, and ease-of-use remain at the forefront.


Search engines know when your site is updated -- and when it's Not! Regular attention, site security, functionality, and hack resistance all matter.

Website SEO

Natural search traffic, speed, quality, content-relevance to search queries. Optimize all elements! SEO is a pivotal and forever asset to any website.


Superb track record, mobile-responsive editing, powerful, CMS, flexible, unlimited customizations, and suitable for all industries.

Use arrow for more about WordPress utilizing my 10 years of experience.


Need to add a Store to your website.
WooCommerce could be your way to go! Woo is reliable, flexible and cooperates beautifully with any WordPress theme. It is known as one of the best eCommerce platforms .


In 2020, still an outstanding, cost-effective method to market and connect with current and new clients. Reach out to thousands building your brand.

The "subtle call-to-action."